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    • Screen-Free Art Projects for Curious Kids

      27 January 2021

      With many kids still at home and learning remotely—or for any kid who spends too many hours glued to a computer screen—here are five fun art projects using materials found in most homes that are guaranteed to get curious children offline and engaged in gratifying activity.  

      Sidewalk Chalk Rainbows - Create a giant chalk rainbow in your driveway for walkers to enjoy and/or spell out hopeful messages on the sidewalk, such as, “We can do this,” “Love our community,” or “Stay strong,” decorated with colorful doodles.  

      Painted Rocks - Take a walk around the neighborhood, or in your own backyard, and collect a few smooth rocks that fit in the palm of your child’s hand. Decorate them with tempera paint or paint pens, then leave them on your walking route as little fun treasures for others to find—or leave one or two on your neighbors’ doorsteps. It’s a great way to build a sense of community as we spend more time apart. 

      Painting Unlimited - On cold or rainy days, lay out a sheet so the floor doesn’t get messy and break out the paint pens, markers or watercolor paints, along with a selection of supplies—paper cut into various sizes and shapes, like hearts or seasonal and holiday cutouts, and even gift boxes to be decorated as your little Picassos see fit.

      Salt Painting - Create a ‘magical’ experience for little ones. Using any poster board, card stock or art paper you have on hand, squeeze on a design with white glue. Sprinkle with salt until the glue is totally covered. Tip to let the excess salt fall away. Then, dip a paintbrush into liquid watercolor paint and touch the brush gently to the salt-covered glue lines and watch the paint magically travel in both directions.

      Paper Plate Art - Paper plates make great palettes for budding artists. Lay out a selection of colored markers, white glue, buttons, cotton balls and pasta in various shapes and let your kids’ imagination run wild.

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    • 6 Things Interior Designers Say It’s Time to Toss

      27 January 2021

      Times change, and in a busy world with packed schedules, most of us don’t spend much time looking at ways to modernize our living spaces. But it doesn’t take much effort to make a few upgrades that create a fresh, new look.

      Interior designers suggest these six things to switch out and update to enhance your home’s ambience.

      Matching sofa pillows - Pillows that match your sofa, including any that came with it, can dull the look of your living room. Designers suggest playing with color, texture, fabric and design, choosing pillows that add liveliness and interest.

      Harsh white light bulbs - Replacing the cool whites in your floor and table lamps with soft, warm white bulbs can instantly add the warmth of candlelight or a fireplace to your room. 

      Sun-blocking drapes - Natural light brightens a room and makes it look larger, designers note, so it’s time to get rid of window treatments that block sunlight. Replacing heavy window treatments with sheers is an option. If you need more privacy, layer different window treatments, like curtains over sheers, to help manage light and privacy.

      Stained wood accent walls - Once considered stylish, those dark wood accent walls and dining room chair rails above a paneled wall now just make a room look dark and heavy. Lighten up the space and create a decorative focal point by using pieces like art, mirrors and even plants.

      Builder-grade tile and backsplashes - Those basic white or beige tiles typically used by builders for backsplashes, showers and tubs are totally lacking in personality, designers note. Replacing them with materials in different colors or designs are a sure way to update and add interest to kitchens and baths.

      TV above the fireplace - Once a popular option, many designers today consider this a design no-no today, pointing out that a fireplace should be the focal point of a room, encouraging sociability and the enjoyment of a moment by the fire without the distraction of a screen.

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    • Put Your Resolutions in Easy Reach

      27 January 2021

      (Family Features) Setting New Year’s resolutions is one thing but keeping them is another. Look for ways to make it easy to stick with your plan this year so you can celebrate victories when you reach your goals.

      The first step in achieving your resolutions is setting yourself up for success. Arm yourself with the resources you need to eliminate obstacles. That might mean finding the right gear, like exercise equipment or cooking supplies, or using tech tools to learn about the benefits of certain foods for better health. 

      Making your new routines easy and convenient can help convert unfamiliar actions into habits in nearly no time at all. 

      Be sure to set realistic milestone goals so you can reward yourself for progress toward your end goal. If you find yourself slipping along the way, take a look at what’s pushing you off your path and make adjustments. Keep your focus on the end goal and allow yourself some flexibility as you figure out the best way to get there.

      Find more tips to help keep your healthy living goals on track at

      Manage Meal Prep
      Preparing healthy meals ahead of time makes it easier to avoid less nutritious choices when your days get busy. Use a couple of weekend hours to prep meals for the entire week and keep your healthy eating goals on track. The right tools can make the job even easier. Look for meal prep containers with dividers that help you control portions. Also look for options that stack neatly in the refrigerator and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe for extra convenience.

      Boost Health with Lemons 
      Lemons and their peels can deliver health benefits like the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. You can easily incorporate lemons into your menu to help solve health problems or achieve desired outcomes like improved skin, hair, nails and more.  In fact, the Nature’s Pharmacy app from Limoneira identifies 57 health concerns or desired outcomes, addressing them with 74 fruits and vegetables found in a typical grocery produce department. Learn more at

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    • Celebrating Big With Berry Punch

      26 January 2021

      ( Holidays, gatherings and celebrations can be the best time to try new, easy, stress-free recipes. Drink and punch recipes are especially easy to throw together (even last-minute) right before the festivities begin. This way, the drinks are chilled, and the food is hot and ready. 

      No matter if it’s a big crowd or a night alone with a special someone, this Cranberry Raspberry Vanilla Punch is sure to be the star of the celebration with its powerful berry flavor. 

      The end result is tangy, tart, sweet and absolutely delicious all mixed up in one large bowl. With only five ingredients, it’s simple to make and even better to enjoy. 

      Pairing perfectly with sweets or chocolates, this punch packs the flavor for nearly any event, gathering or small family dinner. 

      Start with eight cups of cranberry-raspberry juice then add cranberry ginger ale to the mix. Next, add just a dash of vanilla for a bit of extra flavor. Stir and scoop raspberry sorbet on top for a hint of smooth sweetness. 

      The frozen sweetness of the sorbet combined with the bubbly ginger ale and the natural flavors of the berries give you a taste that is truly unique and special. 

      Add some frozen cranberries on top for garnish and another pop of that deep, red color.

      Set your punch bowl on the table next to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and it’s guaranteed the punch bowl will not be full for long. 

      Throughout the night, while conversations are happening, sip a few drops of your beverage. You’re reminded instantly why you’re celebrating. You gather, no matter the celebration, for good times with lots of laughs and even better food and drink.

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      Cranberry Raspberry Vanilla Punch
      Servings: 6-12
      8 cups cranberry-raspberry juice
      8 1/2 cups cranberry ginger ale
      1 tablespoon vanilla extract
      1 pint raspberry sorbet
      frozen cranberries, for garnish

      In a large punch bowl, add juice, ginger ale and vanilla extract. Stir until combined. 

      Add frozen cranberries and scoops of frozen sorbet. 

      Stir slightly then serve immediately.

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    • Why 2021 is the Year to Be 'Passionate'

      26 January 2021

      Reflecting the current trend toward streamlining and simplifying, Sherwin Williams has introduced its pick for the 2021 Color of the Year: “Passionate”.

      Created in partnership with the design experts at HGTV, Sherwin Williams describes the color as “rich and empowering” while “steeped in history.” While it’s predominantly a red shade, Passionate has a subdued, natural tonality due to an infusion of soft whites.

      Intended to merge “modern design with traditional charm,” Passionate is part of a 10-color palette of complementary colors. While vibrant, the colors also feature earthy tones that give them a natural feel, a nod to our need to escape from an overwhelmingly tech lifestyle.

      “The current cultural climate has created a state of overstimulation and information overload, which has encouraged trends to live life with minimalism, says Ashley Banbury, HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams senior color designer. “Consumers are eager to streamline and simplify their lives and homes, but that doesn’t mean we need to forego having fun with color.”

      Passionate and its neighboring colors on the 2021 palette are intended to allow homeowners to transform a sometimes dull backdrop of neutrals with a dose of calming color. Try them in a dining room, living space, bedroom or home office for a setting that fuels creativity while creating a peaceful, nature-inspired vibe. 

      Photo Credit: Courtesy of HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams

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